Best dogs for older people

For older people living on their own, one of the best ways to counter feelings of loneliness and isolation is to get yourself a furry friend.

If you're an older person living on your own, one of the best ways to curb feelings of loneliness and isolation is to get yourself a furry friend. According to the Dog Adoption and Training Guide, one of the best times to own a dog is around the age of 70, and it could make a huge difference in your level of happiness. However, before you decide on adopting a canine pet, there are a few things you need to consider.

For instance, choosing a puppy might not be the best idea, because they will require lots of training, which means you'll need to have optimal energy and mobility. It may be in your best interest to consider choosing an older dog from a shelter that has been trained and can be mostly independent. Not only that, but there are certain breeds that would make the perfect pets to grow old with. Ideal breeds include:

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

If you're searching for a four-legged friend that you can rely on to stay by your side while you relax, I Heart Dogs said the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is the perfect choice for you. Its small size makes it easy to take care of and its personality ranges from happy and excited to gentle and affectionate. This breed gets along well with people and other dogs, but it tends to be calm and quiet.


According to Small Dog Place, Pugs are likely to adapt to whatever lifestyle you live. So if you like to spend your afternoons hanging out on the sofa, it'll be right there with you. On the other hand, if you enjoy going for walks and spending time being active outside, his energy will accompany you! Pugs are small, mildly energetic and get along well with others, so he will enjoy your visitors company.


Are you looking for a small dog that requires minimal grooming? Then the Dachshund might be the breed for you. This hound loves to play. It's short haired, which means grooming isn't required as often as a long-haired dog would need it – all you need to do is make sure he is bathed and brushed on a regular basis.

Boston Terrier

Finding a dog that's already trained is key for older people. However, if you've chosen to adopt a dog that is young and hasn't received training yet, the Boston Terrier is the choice for you. It's one of the most intelligent and easily trained dogs, so you can count on him being well-behaved.

Miniature Schnauzer

If you've kept yourself from adopting a furry friend because you're allergic to fur or hair, don't worry – you have options! You can choose from a number of hypoallergenic breeds, one of the best being the Miniature Schnauzer. Safer Pets UK said this pup may require a professional haircut from the groomers, but they do not shed at all.

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