Resident receives lifetime achievement award at Sunrise of Bramhall

Watching the ones you love accomplish their dreams is reward enough in itself. That's why Sunrise of Bramhall was so pleased to help the British Ice Teachers Association award former World Professional ice dance champion Joan Slater, MBE, with their lifetime achievement award in April.

Presented by Peter Morrissey, Chairman of the National Ice Skating Association, Slater gathered with her family, friends and former pupils to receive the award. She was given the Betty and Roy Callaway Award – a trophy made from a set of skates with its original blades. She was also given an engraved glass plaque to commemorate the award.

A representation of dedication

This acknowledgement is a perfect representation of how Slater has dedicated her life to ice skating. Between the hours dedicated to coaching and the knowledge and expertise she's acquired over the years, the NISA couldn't imagine awarding it to anyone else.

This award signifies Slater's career in ice skating, which began at Manchester Ice Palace when Joan and John, her theh husband-to-be, won both the British Ice Dance Championship and World Championship Silver medals three times and the World Professional Ice Dance Championship medal six times. Ever since then, Joan has spent her life accomplishing her dreams and furthering her career.

Slater spent her life following her dreams to accomplish her goals of having an ice skating career.

Acknowledging accomplishments

Family, friends and former pupils – as well as current residents of Sunrise – gathered to celebrate the occasion by toasting to Slater's achievements.

"It was a truly unique occasion as our resident, Joan Slater MBE, received the award for exceptional lifetime achievements in ice skating," said one delighted member of the audience. "Her sons were pleased to see the amount of friends she had."

Nicky and Kim Slater, sons of Joan, were pleased to see the amount of friends who wanted to celebrate the dedication and drive their mother has put into her passion all of these years. "We were delighted with the news of Mum's award and we are so proud of her achievements across the world of ice skating," they said. "Mum has many friends from all walks of life that have benefited from her coaching either at a competitive level, or just from a recreational experience and this is testament to her love and dedication to the sport."

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