6 smartphone apps that can help keep your mind active

It's important to keep your mind active at any age, by learning new things and engaging in games and activities that require critical thinking.

Keeping your mind active is especially important though as you begin to age. This is because, according to the Alzheimer's Association, as people grow older brain cells naturally begin to decline and cognitive ability tends to worsen. The source explained that research has shown that this natural decline can actually be managed and curtailed through brain exercise - whether that's playing chess, reading lots of books, playing games and so on. Some studies have even found that those with a higher education tend to have a lower risk of Alzheimer's disease.

Given that we live in the digital age, one fantastic way to keep your mind active is with the help of smartphone apps. Let's take a look at six fantastic platforms that can help you improve your cognition.


1. Fit Brains Trainer

This fantastic app offers you daily brain workouts, composed of different games, The Guardian explained. The activities focus on crucial cognitive components such as concentration and language, with a choice of 35 games in total. The app is free on the iPhone and Android, as well as online on their website. The Guardian noted that you can even opt to pay around £8 each month to receive access to even more features.


2. Wizard

A platform designed to improve episodic memory, the Telegraph reported that Wizard is the brainchild of University of Cambridge based neuroscientists. The source explained that researchers developed the app to help schizophrenia in particular, although the platform is surely helpful for anyone looking to improve on short-term and episodic memory.


3. Elevate

This app offers games and activities dedicated to different areas of brain exercise, Saga reported. For example, the activities can help you gain strength in areas such as focus and memory, with the official website explaining that the games have even been developed by scientists and experts in the field of education, cognition and neuroscience. Saga noted that Elevate can be found on both the Android and the iPhone.


4. Brain HQ

According to The Telegraph, Brain HQ offers exercises and games that can keep your mind sharp in terms of speed and attention. There are even IQ tests that can get your mind really working. The source elaborated that developers of Brain HQ have made several claims, including that their app can help you with sports performance and help improve your concentration and output at work. The Telegraph included a quote from the developers which said:

"Our exercises don't just drill memory or teach compensatory tricks. Instead, many of them target important roots of memory and thinking - the ability of the brain to absorb information from our eyes, ears, and other senses."


5. Eidetic

This amazing app is dedicated specifically to help you improve your memory, The Telegraph detailed. This occurs via a strategy known as spaced repetition. Perhaps you really struggle to remember your social security number? Or your spouses phone number? Eidetic can help you strengthen your memory in these everyday areas, by offering daily tests. The source noted that Eidetic is also effective for students who need help revising large facts, dates and quotes for examinations.


6. Peak

Another great app designed to improve cognition in a number of areas, Peak boasts a number of engaging games, The Guardian detailed. The app is free for users on both the iPhone and Android, although for a small monthly fee you will be able to access even more great services, including unlimited play time. The games offered by Peak can help you improve your memory and attention, as well as your IQ and mental speed. If you do opt to pay the monthly subscription fee you can even develop your own workouts, specifically tailored to your unique needs.


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