Getting to know Glenn Milton, Sunrise Senior Living UK’s new Head of Talent Acquisition

Against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, Sunrise Senior Living UK has hired a new Head of Talent Acquisition, Glenn Milton.

Joining at an unprecedented time for the social care sector, we spoke to Glenn about his background in social care recruitment, his decision to join Sunrise, and the responsibilities in his new role.

With an esteemed background in social care recruitment, Glenn joined Sunrise in August 2020 after working for Care UK, one of the country’s largest care home providers. In this role, Glenn was responsible for sourcing and welcoming a huge volume of candidates into Care UK’s many care homes. He also saw his team grow from three team members to thirty five after nearly nine years with the business. 

At Care UK, Glenn was also able to pursue another passion of his, talent development. Indeed, he was a passionate advocate for developing the skills of current employees, empowering them to grow and develop within the company.

Indicative of this drive, Glenn oversaw almost 40% of managers take on their roles following promotion from junior positions. Under his leadership, Care UK was also able to half the time span of the recruitment process for new candidates from over 60 days to just 27.

Speaking of his background in social care recruitment, Glenn said:

“Working in recruitment for care homes has meant that I’ve seen first-hand the remarkable difference that new team members can have on a home. It’s a hugely rewarding feeling to play a role in improving not only the lives of residents who benefit from great new team members, but of those candidates that go on to develop a brilliant and rewarding career in care.”

Following his success at Care UK, Glenn says he joined Sunrise after discovering the care provider’s innovative plan to reshape and restructure their entire Human Resources department. Led by Sharon Benson, who joined Sunrise in January 2020 as Senior Director of HR, the organisation is in the midst of transforming the department to deliver market leading candidate and colleague experiences. This includes detailing the profiles of each role to establish pathways for employee development within Sunrise, ensuring team members are able to grow and develop their careers at the organisation. This is helping Sunrise to become an employer of choice for outstanding candidates, enabling them to be a care provider of choice for potential residents. Glenn says that this commitment to becoming a market leader for team members and residents was the driving force behind his decision to join the company.

Yet, although he joins the organisation in a period of immense uncertainty for the social care sector, his ability and dedication to find great talent for the organisation remains steadfast.

In his role as Head of Talent Acquisition, Glenn is responsible for sourcing and welcoming outstanding candidates into Sunrise’s care homes. Speaking of the current recruitment environment, Glenn said:

“At this moment in time, the spotlight is on care homes and the social care sector. I want Sunrise to capitalise on this - showing our communities and homes to candidates as wonderful environments to work, a place to grow careers and improve the lives of others.”

Glenn is now working to ensure the processes for finding and hiring new team members is as effective and seamless as possible. As part of this, Glenn is spearheading innovative tools to attract excellent candidates on social media. This includes targeting advertisements to those users who, although may not be considering a career in care, are likely to hold the values and skills which are needed to succeed.

He has also been making use of the messaging tools available within these platforms to contact candidates directly. This has had the effect of opening up the accessibility of the application process, bringing his team closer to potential candidates.

Speaking of reaching quality candidates during the pandemic, Glenn said:

“Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the jobs market has changed dramatically. The increased exposure of care homes within the media has helped to boost applications from candidates without experience in the industry who are looking to move into care. I believe that while many of the skills needed to be successful in care can be taught, the core values of compassion, dedication and humanity, cannot. As such, it’s important that we use innovative tools to reach as many great potential candidates that we can, including those without experience in our sector.”

Furthermore, Glenn is also working closely with Sunrise’s Contact Centre to improve the experience of candidates who apply to roles and to help sift through applications for roles which receive a high level of responses.

Also, as part of tailoring the processes for interviewing and hiring new candidates due to social distancing measures, the team have had to organise all interviews with candidates via video calls. Glenn and his team are also exploring new ways to evolve this further, such as video screening apps to better deal with the higher volume of applications remotely.

As well as having his eyes on a second wave of Covid-19, Glenn’s introduction to Sunrise has been engrossing. His experience, drive and love of the job are sure to make his journey with the care provider successful. Summing up his experiences of the organisation so far, Glenn said:

“The environment at Sunrise simply fantastic. We are always looking to be the leaders in all aspects of our business, from delivering outstanding care to our residents right through to providing the best possible experience for team members joining us for the first time. The future for Sunrise is bright, and I’m excited to play my part in this journey.”

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