Maintaining calmness and quality at a time of crisis

A message from UK CEO, Natalie-Jane Macdonald

Recent weeks have been truly extraordinary in terms of the changes that have taken place across our society.

At Sunrise we have long had thorough contingencies and infection control procedures in place so that we can keep our residents and team members safe. Nevertheless, events such as this are also unpredictable, and require our team to be adaptable and resilient.

I couldn’t be more proud of the service that our team is providing in these challenging times. It is only through their steadfast commitment that great care becomes a reality.

We do of course recognise that COVID-19 may mean that some of our carers will become ill at some point over the coming weeks, and those who remain will therefore need additional support. That is why we are reaching out to people who have themselves been affected economically by recent upheavals and may be suspended or laid off from their jobs through no fault of their own. To those people we say ‘come and join us!’. Care is a phenomenally rewarding career, for the long or short term, and there has never been a more critical time to get involved.

Unfortunately, increasing restrictions being announced by Government, alongside our desire to protect vulnerable residents from the spread of COVID-19, means we have had to temporarily suspend all visits from relatives and friends to our homes, unless in exceptional circumstances. Sunrise has always been pillars of the communities in which they are based. Our homes are enriched by regular visits from family, friends and people providing entertainment and activities. It therefore goes without saying that this decision is not taken lightly, and we look forward to the time when these restrictions can be safely lifted.

In the meantime, all of us are having to get used to communicating more digitally, which is why we have invested in iPads so that every resident can have regular interactions with their loved ones – but safely and within the palm of their hand.

I’ll be communicating more through this channel in the coming weeks so that everyone involved with Sunrise is united on the actions we are taking to fulfil our mission to continue delivering high quality care to each and every person who makes their home with us.


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