91-Year-Old Sunrise of Hale Barns Residents Spends 30 Years Making His Family Tree

Stan Riley is a 91-year-old Sunrise of Hale Barns resident; he has lived at the care home for four years.

Throughout the last 30 years, Stan has travelled the length and breadth of the country to help piece together his family tree. He has been to London, to the General Registry Office, he has visited churches and graveyards, libraries and he now also has the internet to help him.

Stan was most surprised when he found out his great grandfather’s death was logged as ‘manslaughter’. His great grandfather was thrown out of a pub and was part of a crowd who were drunk and fighting, he fell and could not get medical help and subsequently sadly died from his injuries.

Now Stan has finished his family tree, it is on display in his room at Sunrise of Hale Barns. Stan has now been helping other residents and team members to make their own family trees, this makes him very happy and has kept Stan busy over lockdown.


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