Sunrise of Chorleywood care home to ‘travel the world’ in 12 weeks as part of new campaign

Residents and team members at Sunrise of Chorleywood care home are setting sail on a 12-week journey visiting new countries each week from the comfort of their care home.

The ‘Around the World in 12 Weeks’ initiative will see the care home celebrating each country they visit by organising various activities and events. These are set to include language lessons, virtual tours of famous landmarks, enjoying local music, and experiencing each country’s culinary delights as prepared by the care home’s dining team. Every week will also culminate in a ‘Celebration Day’ where Sunrise of Chorleywood will come together to celebrate and immerse the care home within each country’s culture.

Starting on 12th April in France, Sunrise of Chorleywood will go on to visit countries such as Italy, South Africa, Mexico, China and India.

The extensive travel itinerary has been launched as part of Sunrise Senior Living UK’s #NewDawnNewDay campaign to encourage those who may be considering moving into a care home to take the step with a sense of reassurance in this new chapter of their lives.

The campaign, which comes as the country gradually emerges into a new dawn after COVID-19, also aims to reveal the meaningful lives led by care home residents and encapsulate their dreams and ambitions for the months ahead. Sunrise Senior Living UK also hopes that #NewDawnNewDay will inspire people to join the care sector to pursue rewarding and fulfilling careers.

Speaking of the campaign, Michael Zinaka, the General Manager of Sunrise of Chorleywood, said:

“We believe that every person deserves to live a life of purpose and self-worth, no matter what their age. At Sunrise of Chorleywood, we always make sure residents live their best lives and this campaign represents hope and a fresh start, after a difficult year. Given that most of us can’t travel at the moment, there is nothing better than being able to enjoy the countries from the comfort of your own home. The excitement that this has brought to our community is infectious and everyone is thrilled. Our chosen means of transport is a cruise ship, so every day of the themed week will be based on everything to do with a specific destination and life on a ship. We have monuments to visit, food to taste, cultures to experience, clothing to wear etc, not to forget the opportunity to collect souvenirs along the way to remind us of the fun we have had. We are especially looking forward to tasting some of those special French delicacies during the first week. I hope you have got your tickets and if so, see you there!”


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