Meet Sunrise Senior Living UK’s Recruitment Business Partner, Helen Shocker

Helen Shocker joined Sunrise Senior Living UK in 2015 as an interim contractor. Since joining, Helen has worked across multiple care homes in the UK, including commissioning of new sites and supporting Sunrise’s 25 care homes on various people-focused projects.

Helen said: “With the years that I have worked in HR & Recruitment, I can wholeheartedly say that people are truly at the heart of Sunrise. Our teams in the homes go above and beyond every day for our residents to provide excellent care.

“Our goal is to provide excellent care, and we simply cannot do that without the right people and talent in the business. We empower our team members every day and continuously support them on their journey with us, by simply making sure they have the right training and development opportunities to enhance their skills. By being able to understand what matters to our team members, we offer a range of benefits to them, as well as in-house recognition programmes to reward our teams for their hard work – it’s called Heart & Soul for a reason!

“For me it’s not just a job, it’s being able to be part of an amazing journey; I meet people right at the start of the recruitment process and to later see those individuals progress in their career with us, it’s a heart-warming feeling to know we’ve helped them to reach their full potential...”

Since the outset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Helen has noticed an increase in applications from candidates who are new to the care sector. Many of these candidates were under the impression they needed experience to work in the sector. From having initial screening conversations, providing them with as much information as possible about the role and having a thoroughly planned induction programme; we’ve hired people who have had a complete career change and they’re thriving - because they are doing a job that is meaningful and rewarding to them.

Helen said: “By truly believing you can make a difference however big or small, has seen many individuals start their career in care with us and that is simply by their motivation to help others. The nature of the job is to assist our residents with day to day living and caring; we have seen this particularly in candidates who have come from the travel and hospitality industries.”

Helen’s role involves building relationships with stakeholders, implementing resourcing strategies and finding the best talent for Sunrise’s care homes. Helen supports with end-to-end recruitment processes, focusing on promoting great opportunities on the right channels and being an ambassador for the brand.

Helen added: “It goes without saying that this is a rewarding job. You build relationships with the residents, their families, and the teams in the home, you become part of a family.

“If you are caring and compassionate to those in need, and you can provide emotional and physical support to an elderly person, then begin your career in care with us at Sunrise. Each day you will be working alongside the teams to help our residents live their best lives with us!”


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