Residents and Team Members at Sunrise of Southbourne Receive Covid-19 Vaccination

On 18th January, 95% of the residents at Sunrise of Southbourne were able to receive their Covid-19 vaccination. Residents received the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, and the team at the care home organised a glass of fizz and balloon popping to celebrate the momentous occasion.

Frank and Irene, residents at Sunrise of Southbourne, said:

“It was no different to getting the flu jab. It means a lot to us and we have been waiting and really looking forward to it.”

Another resident, Joyce, added:

“No different to the flu jab, I wasn’t aware of any pain. I am very pleased to have had it.”

Team Members at Sunrise of Southbourne also received their vaccinations, they were very pleased as they know the vaccination maximises protection for residents and for their own families.

Martina Lamden, General Manager at Sunrise of Southbourne, said:

“Having the vaccine is hopefully the first step towards some normality not just for me but for all of my residents and their wider families. Feels like a good step in the right direction.”

Laura Morgan, Director of Community Relations at Sunrise of Southbourne, added:

“I found it very straight forward and I felt absolutely fine afterwards. For me this is an important milestone on the road back to normality.”


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