Sunrise of Purley Residents and Team Members Receive Covid-19 Vaccinations

Residents at Sunrise of Purley were delighted to receive their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccination on 11th January.

Dee Lall, Deputy Manager at Sunrise of Purley and the team ensured the day ran smoothly. They worked hard to ensure the vaccine was delivered safely by the GP team. Amanda Hartnett, Activities Coordinator at Sunrise of Purley also made sure everyone had as much fun as possible, and the home was decorated with balloons to mark the momentous occasion.

Bernard Digby, a resident at Sunrise of Purley, said:

‘”I have received my COVID injection, which gives me some peace of mind and comfort knowing that all can be done is done in the fight against this dreadful disease.

“Keep up the good work to keep us all safe.”

Christine Nicholson, another resident at Sunrise of Purley, added:

“My thoughts on having the vaccine are nothing but good, as long as everybody has it!

“Thank you for all the arrangements that have to be made.”

The team at Sunrise of Purley have also received their vaccinations, some had the vaccine with the residents, and others went to Croydon Hospital to receive it.

Sheila Pearmain, Concierge at Sunrise of Purley, said:

“I am so relieved to have now had the first part of the vaccine, this is a weight off my mind and off my family.”

Azagan, who works in Senior Care at Sunrise of Purley, added:

“We are so privileged to have the opportunity to get the vaccine so early, this is the first step to things getting back to normal.”


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