International Women’s Day Marked At Sunrise of Tettenhall By Celebrating Their Own Heroes

Sunrise of Tettenhall care home is marking International Women’s Day by celebrating their remarkable female team members and residents. The Wolverhampton-based care home is particularly recognising the outstanding work of Geraldine Bunning, their Activities Co-ordinator, and Freda Law, an inspirational resident at Sunrise of Tettenhall.

Geraldine has worked at the care home for over nine years, having previously worked in a similar role for five years before joining Sunrise of Tettenhall. And, prior to working in activities, Geraldine was a Receptionist in a doctor’s surgery giving her strong experience in customer facing environments, and is often described as a “people’s person”.

Speaking of her role at the care home, Geraldine said:

“I absolutely love working with older people as I am a life learner and enjoy learning something new every single day. Life is not always about exam results and university, but more so about experiences and learning throughout each and every day. My favourite quote: ‘is don’t wait for the storm to pass, go out and dance in the rain.’”

Reflecting on the female influences she has had in her life for International Women’s Day, Geraldine said that she has been very fortunate to have been surrounded by inspiring women throughout her life. She points to the kindness and determination displayed by her mother, her close friends and her daughter who she learns from. She continued:

“It’s the little things that make a huge difference, such as giving someone your time or letting them know you’re thinking about them by sending a thank you card or noting your appreciation. All these beautiful women in my life have inspired me to be who I am today”.

Geraldine says that these fantastic women have shaped who she is today and have kept her balanced. She is also appreciative for the things she has learnt from her daughter and her close friends who have always had her best interests in mind.

Speaking of Geraldine, Su Gallagher, the General Manager of Sunrise of Tettenhall, said:

“Geraldine is a very respected woman within Sunrise of Tettenhall. She has always got a smile on her face and, no matter the pressure, makes time for everyone in the care home. Her biggest asset is her kindness and support to others, and it shows with her happy demeaner throughout each day. She is an asset to our care home and a pleasure to be around.”

Freda Law moved into Sunrise of Tettenhall in June 2012 and has since been an inspiration to the entire care home through “her warm heart and considerate nature towards others”. Previously a Nurse working at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, Freda has lived in Shrewsbury for most of her life where she married and had a girl and a boy. She now keeps busy by knitting and previously loved to garden. Freda says that the most inspiring influential woman in her life is Geraldine Bunning, adding:
“Geraldine is such a kind-hearted individual and always makes time when I know she is very busy. She is very generous and listens to everything we have to say and that is a beautiful attribute to have - Geraldine is my most inspiring women as she makes me very happy.”

Asked what advice she would give to other women this International Women’s Day, Freda said:

“Be happy and talk about the good and not the bad. If you make a mistake it’s best to learn from it and not dwell on it.”

Speaking of Freda, Su Gallagher said:

“Freda is a very special lady and has always been very generous and kind to all that are in her presence, she never wants to be a nuisance and always appreciates and thanks those around her. Freda’s patience and gentle nature is what makes her so inspiring to other residents and team members here at Sunrise of Tettenhall.”


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