Senior Carer at Sunrise of Sonning Celebrates 10 Years of Service

Teresa Hawkins joined Sunrise of Sonning 10 years ago as a Senior Carer. A decade later, she still loves her role at the care home, and Teresa sees everyone at Sunrise of Sonning as an extended family.

Teresa is well-loved by the residents at Sunrise of Sonning, as well as their families. She shows great compassion and empathy for the residents she cares for and often stays late on her shifts to make sure she has delivered everything she has promised to the residents.

Teresa has trained as a medical technician, moving and handling trainer and oral care champion. A few years ago, Sunrise of Sonning enrolled her on a leadership course where she travelled the country and gained a merit in leadership.

She joined Sunrise of Sonning following 10 years as a domiciliary carer (home carer). Prior to this, Teresa worked in an office, but she eventually grew tired of the monotony and decided to make a change. Teresa said:

“I had always known I wanted to work with the elderly. I had cared for my grandfather after he had a stroke and for my nana during her battle with cancer. I had also looked after my other Nana after she broke her hip and I just knew I wanted to help make a difference in as many elderly people’s lives as I could.”

Samantha Chisholm, Head Housekeeper at Sunrise of Sonning, said:

“Teresa is the best to work with, she is kind, caring, hardworking, and thoughtful. The residents and their families find her very approachable and easy to talk to. On a personal level, she has been there for me through thick and thin, both inside and outside of work.”

Fernanda Almeida, Care Assistant at Sunrise of Sonning, added:

‘Teresa is amazing with the residents. Nothing is too much trouble. When we need help, she is always there for us. I have learnt so much from her and it is an honour to work alongside her.”

Teresa’s favourite memory at Sunrise of Sonning was one Christmas a few years ago, when she walked into the home’s decorated bistro and there were carols playing, she burst into song and all the residents began to sing with her. When the song finished, everyone erupted into applause as they all hugged and wished each other Merry Christmas.

Teresa said:

“How can you not love working here. The comradery with the team and just coming in everyday and seeing our beautiful residents, there really isn’t any negatives.

“We are all like a family here at Sunrise of Sonning. That has never been more apparent than this year with Covid. We have had to be there for our residents in a way we have never been before, it has never been more important that we love them and spend time with them to support them through these unprecedented times.”


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