Sunrise of Sonning Residents and Team Members Receive Covid-19 Vaccination

98% of all residents and over 90% of team members at Sunrise of Sonning have now received the Covid-19 vaccination. The first set of team members at Sunrise of Sonning to be offered the vaccine received it on the 17th December and the first resident was vaccinated on Christmas Eve.

Dr Kennedy from the Wargrave Clinic and his team led the process. They have been very helpful and accommodating. Any team members and residents who were unable to receive the vaccine on the days the GP team visited the care home, were able to arrange to receive the vaccine separately at the Wargrave clinic.

Dr Kennedy said:

“The staff and residents have achieved very high levels of the vaccination in well organised vaccination clinics within the care home – organised and administered by us, the GP Practice.”

The residents are delighted to receive their vaccinations; they know this is the first step towards normality.

Doreen Maddock, Resident at Sunrise of Sonning, said:

“I was thrilled to have my vaccine; it was a real weight off my shoulders. Other than a sore arm I didn’t have any bother with it.”

Rosemary Thorpe, another Resident added:

“I couldn’t wait to have my vaccine and I was so relieved when I did. I barely even had a sore arm for half a day. I can’t wait for my next dose.”

The team members were also overjoyed, by getting vaccinated they are able to protect the residents they care for, as well as their own families.

Theresa Hawkins, a team member at Sunrise of Sonning said:

“I cannot put into words how elated I was to be offered my vaccine. I was absolutely delighted and frankly honoured to be in the first group to receive the vaccine in the world. My family were thrilled too. I didn’t have any side effects at all and all I can say is roll on the next dose.”

The team also continue to go above and beyond to ensure residents remain in contact with loved ones, as often as possible. They have organised numerous phone calls and video calls.

The General Manager, Carmela Magbitang, has been making sure families are continually kept informed about their loved ones and how they are doing. Before the vaccines were administered, Carmela even organised for Dr Kennedy to appear on a live video call with residents’ loved ones, so that they could ask any questions.

Carmela Magbitang, General Manager at Sunrise of Sonning, said:

“We are so happy that almost all of our residents and team members have now received the first dose of the vaccine. This truly is a milestone, and a wonderful start to 2021, we are very hopeful for the future.”


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