Sunrise of Esher Care Home Marks International Women’s Day Celebrating Entrepreneurial Resident

Sunrise of Esher care home is celebrating International Women’s Day by recognising their resident Alma Bridge who inspired and helped to establish “Paris Travel Service”, a first of its kind travel company set up in 1951.

Paris Travel Service was the first holiday business who specialised in one city, and Alma is credited as providing the inspiration for it due to her love of the French capital. Her husband, Walter Bridge, had set up a separate company in 1948 but following his marriage to Alma was driven to expand into the unexplored niche in the early 1950s. She went on to have four sons and, although all still under the age of five, she continued to run and develop their business.

As a keen traveller, Alma has visited many countries abroad but her love for Paris remains steadfast. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic currently preventing international travel, Alma recalls her honeymoon in Hertfordshire where she and Walter spent an afternoon driving around the countryside and having afternoon tea in a hotel before returning back to their office.

Reflecting on International Women’s Day, Alma says that Florence Nightingale is a particular female role model that she admires. As the founder of modern nursing, Alma says that Nightingale remains an “inspirational woman to this day”. And, asked what advice she would give to other women around the world, Alma says “whatever you set your heart on, just go for it!”

Speaking of Alma, Joanna Perry, Sunrise of Esher’s Director of Community Relations, said:

“Alma has now been living at Sunrise of Esher for 20 months, and is a delight to have as a Resident. Alma takes part in many of the activities here, and is always a joy to have a conversation with. The world needs more Almas.”


To find out more about Sunrise of Esher, click here.

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