Keeping Residents Safe

What are we actively doing?

Reducing infection risk

Infection control is vital to keep everyone inside our homes safe and healthy. And with this in mind we have put in place a number of enhanced measures to help reduce our risk:

  • Enhanced cleaning We have increased the regularity of all our cleaning and sanitising procedures and provided extra training where required.
  • Plentiful PPE As well as the NHS Portal we have established our own regional hubs to ensure we have enough PPE to stock our care homes for at least a month. We also allow our team members to use PPE free outside of the work setting to further reduce their risk of exposure.
  • Testing All team members and consenting residents are subject to regular temperature checks and COVID tests to ensure cases are picked up early.
  • High team member to resident ratio We’ve actively recruited to ensure we have enough staff on the ground to maintain the safety and security of our homes, even in the case of illness absence.
  • Minibus services We’re providing minibus services in many areas to help our team members avoid the use of public transport and its associated risks.


Listening to the experts

At the start of the pandemic, we immediately realised this wasn’t something that could be managed individually within each of our 25 Sunrise homes. We knew we needed to pull together a group of experts to take the lead and oversee the activities of the entire group.

So we set up a Covid-19 Task Force, responsible for ensuring our alignment to the evolving government guidelines on care home safety.

During those first months they issued over 120 new protocols, implementing important operational changes in all our care homes. But the job wasn’t over then. The Task Force continues to monitor Covid-19 using their expertise and available data to ensure we are able to keep our residents safe and comfortable.


“The Covid-19 Task Force has steered Sunrise through the pandemic, establishing effective protocols in response to changing government guidance at short notice. Its success is a testament to the wealth of skills and experience we have at our disposal and will continue to lead our approach to managing Covid-19.”

Anna Selby, Head of the Covid-19 Task Force 


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