Useful information

Advice about moving into care

We have helped thousands of families tackle the move from home to care over the years. We can help you too. By talking to our expert teams, reading through our materials and visiting a home, you will gain a real insight into life at a Sunrise care home.

At Sunrise, we believe the more informed you are, the better prepared you will be when it comes to making decisions and dealing with the sometimes complex issues involved. But you’re not alone. Our teams are always available to provide advice to help you choose the right care home. 


"Sunrise is such a warm and welcoming place. The staff are enormously flexible and helpful with my fathers changing needs. Email, phone and face to face contact with the management team is excellent and they appreciate how important communication is to ensure Dad (and we) are happy and well cared for. The whole environment is uplifting, bright and fresh - a lovely place to live."

Jenny D, Daughter of resident

Our advice draws on our experience of working with many thousands of residents and their families. We have been delivering high-quality care for over 35 years, and have a wealth of knowledge that covers every circumstance.

We understand the emotional roller-coaster that many people go through. We understand the financial and legal practicalities, too. And we know just how important it is to have clear information you can trust.

The help we can give you includes: